L.E.V Test Report

What is a L.E.V Test report?

In basic terms, this is a key document that should tell you everything you need to know about your L.E.V fume and dust extraction system, this document forms part of your COSHH file and therefore must be kept for a minimum of 5 years. So it needs to be done correctly.
Over the years there has been a lot of discussions within the L.E.V industry as to what exactly should be in a report as there is nothing actually written in stone as to its contents. There are however plenty of documented guidelines and minimum recommendations. There are also reported to be some different types of report, i.e commissioning reports, initial appraisal reports and LEV test reports, however regardless of the title they should all roughly contain the same information about the way the system operates, flow rates and pressures and the level of protection given the only real difference being in that commissioning reports should also contain details of any bench marking done and additional testing carried out to confirm that the system provides the correct level of protection.
The key areas of a L.E.V report are as follows,

  • Identification – Site, Equipment location, Responsible person, Test person, Process, Hazards,
  • Equipment – What is it? Make, Model, Serial number, How does it work?
  • Filters – What filters are fitted? What condition are they in? Are they suitable?
  • Drawings – A simple schematic of the system detailing key parts and test point locations
  • Visual inspection – What was inspected? Is it in good order?
  • System test – All aspects of the system should be tested including, hoods (or other collection method), arms, ducting, fans, filters, valves, exhaust, etc.
  • Observations – Was anything amiss with the system, are the operators using it correctly?
  • Comparison – Does the system still perform the same as when it was installed?
  • Overall result – Does the system provide adequate protection to the user?

As you can see there is quite a lot that goes into a correctly compiled report, the list above just covers the basics, some systems require other aspects testing as well, for example, noise levels, illuminance, environmental testing, etc.
So can you fit this report onto just a couple of sheets of paper? some providers think so (we’ve even seen some reports fitted onto 1 sheet of paper), the chances are if this is the type of report that you have been getting then you have been getting a below par service which raises the questions like, has my system been properly tested? are my operators actually protected?
A Scarr L.E.V Report, in our opinion, is one of the best reports available as it not only includes all of the basics already mentioned but also includes the following

  • Report summary – an easy to read overview of the systems tested
  • Method statement – a description of what we have done or are going to do on site (sent prior to visit for approval)
  • Risk assessment – a basic (yet comprehensive) assessment of the hazards our engineers are likely to come across whilst on site (sent prior to visit for approval)
  • L.E.V Report to HSE guidance document HSG258 recommendations – each system gets its own individual report containing the basics already mentioned
  • BS14175 type tested fume cupboards report – Contains everything in the HSG258 report plus additional minimum recommendations as stated in the BS14175 document
  • BS7989 type tested recirculatory fume cupboards – Contains everything in the BS14175 fume cupboard report plus the additional recommendations as stated in the BS7989 document

In addition to this all of our reports are bespoke to your system, some providers use a one test report format fits all approach which fills up pages with lots of boxes with N/A in them, our reports only contain what you need. As in most cases the initial or commissioning reports are not available (or never done) our reports forms the base for all future testing as stated in HSG258, and we are also environmentally friendly by sending you the reports electronically (PDF via email or dropbox).

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