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About Scarr L.E.V Services.

Scarr LEV Services are UK based and located near Doncaster, South Yorkshire. We provide a nationwide service which includes thorough examination and testing (TeXT) of most types of fume extraction and dust extraction equipment. Scarr L.E.V Services was set up to provide a ‘second to none’ inspection and testing service.

Our aim is to provide you with the best quality, hassle free service at an affordable price. We also aim to take out the worry and confusion that can sometimes surround LEV systems. All our engineers have many years of experience and are also BoHS-P601 qualified to give you peace of mind.

At Scarr L.E.V Services we will examine and test your LEV system and produce beautiful, easy to read, bespoke comprehensive reports for your files. Our engineers will work with you, and your employees, using their many years of experience of fume and dust extraction to ensure that all of your LEV equipment is working at its best and being used correctly.

We employ a very simple approach, you tell us what equipment you have, we send you a quote, and after receiving your order an engineer will turn up at the agreed time and date where they will examine and test your LEV systems to the highest standards. Once the testing is complete, high quality, in-depth and easy to read reports are prepared and delivered to you.

Our engineers won’t just examine, test and then leave, we like to take our time, get to know you, understand your requirements and offer the best advice and support that we can. Your workplace and staff are important to us and we will work with you to ensure any disruption to your normal working day is kept to an absolute minimum.

What is L.E.V?

L.E.V stands for Local Exhaust Ventilation. This is also commonly known as Fume Extraction or Dust Extraction.

LEV is any mechanical device that is put in place to protect an employee from inhaling harmful fume and dust in the workplace.

Why and When to test.

Why test? – Simple really! Without testing how do you know if the equipment is operating correctly? Testing also helps to prove that your employees are protected. Extraction equipment has to work in accordance to COSHH guidelines and regulations and therefore requires regular examination and testing to ensure that it achieves the required level of protection.

When to test? – All systems need testing when first installed and then most extraction systems are usually tested on an annual basis. The HSE state that testing should be carried out at least once in any 14 month period as a minimum. Some processes which are particularly harmful to human health or to the operational health of the equipment will need testing more often, maybe every 6 or even every 3 months. Testing should also be repeated if the system is altered in any way or moved to a different location so as to ensure that it still provides effective protection.

Our Services.

All of our L.E.V testing is carried out following the guidelines laid down by the HSE in their document HSG258, in addition to this any further testing that is governed by British Standards is also done. Typical tests carried out are as follows:-

  • Full Equipment visual examination
  • Face velocity measurements
  • Ducting static and velocity pressure measurements
  • Capture distance measurements
  • Visualisation of capture using tracer smoke or Tyndall beam lights

Our reports are bespoke to your system and provide a detailed record of your L.E.V system, the tests carried out, the results of the tests and any remedial work that is required. Typical items that you will see in your reports are:-

  • System identification
  • Process identification
  • Visual inspection check list
  • Detailed drawings of your system, showing key parts and test points
  • System photographs
  • Test results and calculations
  • Comparisons with previous tests
  • A statement of the overall effectiveness of the system

Frequently Asked Questions.

We have gathered a short list of FAQs about L.E.V systems, testing, reporting and the regulations. These can found either by using the tab at the top of the page or by clicking “here”


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